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Greek Cheese

Our wide selection of Cheese all over Greece will satisfy even the most delicate palate, from aged Greek Gruyere to soft spread Pixtogalo and also some PDO signature cheese like San Mihali, Arseniko Naxos, Mastelo Chios, Volaki Andros will surprise you. Let them be introduced to a number of your dishes from a cheese plateau, to pies and many more recipes.

Greek Cold Cuts & Sausage

Enjoy cold cuts and sausages with traditional recipes that are infused with Greek herbs & spices. From Greek Beef Pastrami, Salami from Lefkada, Kavourmas special recipe, Apaki Grete & Syglino Mani smoked marinated pork you can end up to special sausages with orange or fennel and many more.

Greek Marinated Seafood & Fish

Meditteranean Sea is so rich in small fish and seafood. You can enjoy so many delicacies from marinated shrimp, mussels, octopus in vinegar to small marinated or smoked fish like anchovies, sardines, lakerda and mackerel. But the most exquisite finish is the Greek bottarga that is a part of a supreme indulgement

Greek Olive Oil & Table Olives

Greece has a rich history of olive oil production that dates back thousands of years and has been essential to both diet and the local economy for more than 5000 years. It is without question that Greek extra virgin olive oils are known as some of the best the world has to offer with acidity lower than 0.8%

Our Selection of Greek Table Olives are gathered from the Northern or Southern parts of the country from the famous Black Kalamata Olive with a pungent taste to the Green Queen Olives in various shapes and sizes.

Greek Products in Brine

An extra taste to any dish you may imagine, from salads to slow cooked meat recipes all our brine products range from sundried tomatoes, capers, mini cucumber pickles to hot mixed peppers.

Ef Zin Greek Brine Products

Salt, Herbs & Spices

The king of salt, Fleur de Sel only from Greek seas is the perfect way to elevate all meals. Our extensive selection of spices and herbs from oregano, rosemary, thyme to kardamon, bahar or star anise will give a flavor like no other.

Greek Marmalade, Spoon Sweets & Honey

Special or beloved flavors of marmalades have such a big variety. Enjoy a 100% strawberry marmalade with no sugar or a special olive marmalade. Our spoon sweets come right out of our rich traditions with quince, sour orange or even rose petals! The Greek Honey is made from various plants such as thyme, flowers, chestnut, pine and many more.

Greek Coffee

Greek coffee is a strong brew of coffee, which is served with foam on the top (kaimaki) and the grounds at the bottom of the cup. It is a style of coffee prepared using very finely ground coffee beans without filtering. It is prepared in a special pot, called briki and requires a little bit of technique and a lot of “meraki”(love & craft)

Greek Wine

Our selection of wines consists of 3 main blends, White –  Rose  and  Red that really infuse the varieties of Greek soil & grapes.  Let us know about your preferences as our supply can indulge all your delights.

Ef Zin Greece Wine

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