Trying to find the perfect gift box? We just have it, in three beautiful editions. Choose between Infused olive oil, Mediterranean Mix and Spicy Mix or just all of them to indulge in all flavors.


This Gift Box includes all infused olive oil flavors, just to add a special twist to all your dishes. Whether you are just interested in making a very delicate bruschetta with Basil Infused Olive Oil or a fresh salad with Rosemary Infused Olive Oil this is your kind of box.

There are other numerous occasions where you can just elevate every dish, from marinated meat with Chili Infused Olive Oil up to desserts with Blood Orange or Chocolate Infused Olive Oil!

Products Included in Ef Zin Greek Gods edition Infused Olive Oil Gift Box



This Gift Box is the ultimate representative of Mediterranean flavors! Find here all special olives from kalamon to chalkidiki variety with all the greek natural herbs and have them as a dinner appetizer or a side to your drink. In this gift box all the essential Mediterranean Infused Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Olive oil is there too so you can enhance all the aromas of your dishes.

Products Included in Ef Zin Greek Gods edition Mediterranean Gift Box

Ef Zin Extra Virgin Olive Oil 100ml ATHENA



This Gift Box just sizzles! Including one of the most innovative products, the roasted olives which are unique in every way, you can also find a very spicy and earthy combination of mixed olives with chili and oregano herb.

The infused olive oils that this box contains are simply hot! From chili infused olive oil that to blood orange and chocolate, the rich extra flavor can bring out a strong peppery and acid flavor.

Products Included in Ef Zin Greek Gods edition Spicy Mix Gift Box

Ef Zin Blood Orange Infused Olive Oil 100ml HERMES