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Meet Ef Zin Table Olives Varieties


Black Olives Kalamon Variety

Kalamon olives are produced mainly in Greece. This type of olive is considered as a superior variety of edible olives which thrives in an arid environment with dry and low moisture soil in order the fruits to grow. It is cultivated in the areas of Messinia and Lakonia can also be found in the region of Agrinion in Greece. The Kalamon olives exude a salty and tangy taste that could give a nice kick to any food dishes.


Green Olives  Chalkidiki Variety

This famous Greek olive is plump with a meaty bite and tremendous fruity, briny, buttery and pleasantly sour flavor.

Originating in the region of its same name, this beloved olive shares its birthplace with famous philosopher, Aristotle. The Halkidiki is grown and harvested on the Halkidiki Peninsula of Northern Greece, a land with a unique climate and soil characteristics.


Kalamon Olive Paste

This unique fresh olive paste is made directly from fresh squeezzed aromatic Kalamon variety olives without any use of chemicals or preservatives.

It can be simply a fresh twist to your bread slice like a spread. It can also be used to spice up numerous sandwich recipes or ever be eaten straight away from the jar like a pate.