Project Description

Meet Ef Zin Marmalades

Our marmalades are inspired from all fruits that can be found in the Greek Region. The flavors can be from the all time classic strawberries till the rich figs, pure prickly pears and even olives! There is no way to stop the imagination from what kind of flavors can be added to create the best options to accompany your breakfast or even a sweet delight.

Marmalades 100% fruits NO SUGAR ADDED

These marmalades have no added sugar but still maintains the sweetness from the grape syrup. It has a light texture, easy to spread on top of every bread, toast or base you like. It can also be used in desserts such as tarts, pies or cakes without adding any sugar to it.

It is considered a very good source of natural sweetness for people with diabetes, women during pregnancy and children.