Taste the new Ef Zin Products GREEK GODS edition and experience all the native flavors from Greece while combining them with the rich mythological gods of Olympus and their stories.

In this unique product line you can find infused olive oil with rosemary, blood orange or even chocolate.

Try it give a fresh mediterranean taste over your dishes. You can either drizzle it over a nice fresh chopped tomato salad or just sprinkle it over a nice melting pizza. With chocolate infused olive oil you can enhance the  chocolate flavor of your favorite desserts. But if you would like to be bold, just add it when simmering every meat or fish and provide an extra smoky essence!

Table olives with herbs like thyme, oregano or even some chili!

A great snack to eat straight from the bag or to be served as an appetizer at a dinner table. When you are hosting a dinner party, it’s tempting to overextend yourself making a variety of appetizers, but usually a few little nibbles before dinner are all you need. They are combined perfectly with a cheese or cold cuts along with every drink that you may serve.

You can find below all the products that you can enjoy right away with packaging ensuring the freshness of each flavor.

Ef Zin GREEK GODS edition all the products here

Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Infused Olive Oil with natural flavor extracts

ATHENA – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

HERMES – Blood Orange Infused Olive Oil 

ARTEMIS – Rosemary Infused Olive Oil

ARES – Chili Infused Olive Oil

POSEIDON – Basil Infused Olive Oil

APHRODITE – Chocolate Infused Olive Oil


Table Olives with Herbs

ZEUS – Olives Kalamon

HERA – Green Olives with Lemon Oregano and Garlic

HEPHAESTUS – Green Olives with Paprika and Oregano

APOLLO – Green Olives with Thyme and Basil

DEMETRA – Mixed Olives with Chili and Oregano

HESTIA – Roasted Olives