As much as we love savory breakfasts that keeps us full until lunch, sometimes we wake up craving for something sweet and homy.

There is a safe option now to indulge our sweet tooth early in the morning, or as a snack at night that won’t fill our organism with sugar excess. Find below all the flavors for  a balanced breakfast that contains ONLY NATURAL OCCURING SUGARS found in fresh fruit, and of course some ways that you can spice things up!

So compared with added sugars—which include things like refined white sugar and corn syrup, but also less-processed sugars like honey, agave, and maple syrup—naturally occurring sugars are less likely to cause a blood-sugar spike. Why? Because naturally occurring sugars are found in whole foods like fruit which also contain fiber.

So here is how you can have the below breakfast option without contstantly preventing yourselves from anything sweet!

100% Fruit Marmalade with NO ADDED SUGAR


Orange, apple, peach, apricot, cherry and strawberry complement one unique pallet of incomparable flavor and aroma.

Ef Zin Marmalades contain fresh boiled fruits with whole pieces of fruit, some lemon juice as a natural preservative and grape juice.


This is the perfect solution to have a healthy breakfast with all the family that the kids will also love!

Apart from joining the family together for breakfast, there are other people that really need to have these marmalades in their lives, like people with diabetes, pregnant women which monitor their sugar intake, people that are looking out for their weight and of course all that are concious about what they eat.


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If you also want to have a small dessert at night, just try a flavor of Ef Zin Marmalades 100% on top of some greek yogurt, or make yourself a sweet pizza, adding some Ef Zin Marmalade 100% as a base and top it with some fresh fruit assortment. Just sprinkle with a little cinnamon and there it is!

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