European Commission has finally adopted extending the geographical area and the improvement of the description of olive oil PDO “Kalamata” giving a happy ending to a long-term effort for the benefit of producers of the entire Regional Unity Messinia.

For this purpose had to overcome obstacles and especially the objections that were raised in 2013 by the United Kingdom and companies based in Switzerland, Norway and Egypt, in close collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture and competent EU agencies and with the utmost documentation.

Thus, the EU, after examining all of the additional information sent by Greece, came to the decision that the application to amend the Messinia UAC should be approved because it is documented as the designated area can be considered the geographical area covered by the PDO Kalamata olive oil and that the oils produced in the Messinia region have the same organoleptic and chemical characteristics as those produced in Kalamata region.

Following the adoption of the implementing regulation, the Deputy Minister for Rural Development, Vangelis Apostolou said: “We are very pleased with today’s decision approving the amendment of the specification of the PDO” Kalamata “and especially the expansion of the geographical area throughout the region of Messinia . The quality agriculture and certified products are the only way for the rural economy and the openness of our agriculture and therefore this decision serves the general our policy to manufacture products with high added value. ”

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