Spice up your food and yourself!

We all like to add some spices in our food to make it better tasting, but what if it wasn’t only a matter of flavor but a health benefit […]

Enjoy a sweet breakfast without worrying about sugar!

As much as we love savory breakfasts that keeps us full until lunch, sometimes we wake up craving for something sweet and homy.
There is a safe option now to […]

Transform your breakfast now!

Food writer Jim Dixon, writing on the health benefits of olive oil, commented “we put it on almost everything on our table, beside the breakfast cereal. And I don’t […]

Olive Oil, Cornerstone of the Ikarian Diet

Centenarians of Ikaria might not know the countless ways olive oil can improve their health, they just know it works.

Ikaria, the legendary home of Icarus whose wings melted when […]

Med Diet Protects Teens From Abdominal Obesity

Studies in thousands of adults have highlighted the protective role of the Mediterranean diet on abdominal obesity and a slew of other metabolic syndrome characteristics. But, even though evidence […]

The perfect Gift Box by Ef Zin Greek Gods special edition


Trying to find the perfect gift box? We just have it, in three beautiful editions. Choose between Infused olive oil, Mediterranean Mix and Spicy Mix or just all of […]

Νο Curb Hunger Add Good Fats to Your Diet

Still fighting the weight loss battle?  If so, aside from exercising and watching your caloric intake, you might want to think about your fat intake.

There is scientific evidence confirming […]

10 celebrities who use olive oil

Every day there seem to be more and more reasons why extra virgin olive oil should be a part of everybody’s eating plan. If it isn’t already part of […]

NEW Ef Zin Products GREEK GODS edition

Taste the new Ef Zin Products GREEK GODS edition and experience all the native flavors from Greece while combining them with the rich mythological gods of Olympus and their stories.

In […]

Hundreds of Restaurants Get MedDiet Quality Label

A new “MedDiet Quality Label” has been granted to over 300 restaurants located in six countries: Egypt, Greece, Italy, Lebanon, Spain, and Tunisia.

The MedDiet label certifies that restaurants offer […]