Ef Zin means living the good life and this is our goal.

Ef Zin Greek Products Company was founded in 2012, in Athens by a group of people who live by the essence of the Mediterranean diet and decided to bring it around the world.We want to offer upon everyone’s table in the entire world, the most pure products that come from the Lands of Greek soil and endless sunlight.

Best quality Greek Products are collected and gathered from every corner of Greece. Carrying on the tradition of our ancestors throughout the centuries and by ensuring the best quality standards, we can now offer over 1.000 different products around the Globe.

Ef Zin Greek Company is directly cooperating with farmers and factories by acquiring all necessary certifications in order to deliver on time.

Why cooperate with Ef Zin Greek Company?

What make us unique as a company is the professionalism and flexibility to cover the needs of our clients. We can:

  • Deliver either in small or big quantities for over 1.000 different products.
  • Deliver in many different packaging sizes for all our product categories.
  • Deliver EX WORK, FOB, CIF or DDP.
  • Design and deliver Private Label products.
Ef Zin Mission
Ef Zin Philosophy
Ef Zin Promise
We Can Deliver
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